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The Small Hand

The Small Hand - Susan Hill I have had read lots of reviews of this book promising a terrifying ghosts story: fear, goosebumps, chills...

In fact, I was avoiding "The Small Hand" because I wasn't quite ready for such amount of fear and I was extremely occupied to lost my resting hours with nightmares.

Maybe I expected to much. "The Small Hand" is ok, but it is not by far the scariest story I've read.

It is short and it goes well. There are pages with lots of concentrated tension, they pass quickly and you only want to know which is the terrific thing that will come next... but when you turn the page... nothing. Well yes: disappointment. It promises a big scare and it happens nothing.
Once, twice, thrice... disappointment after disappointment.

There are moments while reading that you are preparing the 4 stars... and suddenly you will not give more than 2.

"The Small Hand" is a rollercoaster of tension and boredom synthesized in little more than 150 pages. No more pages needed. Maybe deleting few central pages of flat inaction and irrelevant issues, the result would be a very frightening short story.

Anyway: cliche.

No mistakes: this is not a bad book. This is only a very personal opinion of a reader who began the book with high expectations of pure horror.
In spite of that, the book is a pleasant reading for readers that are not searching strong emotions and are not bored of worn topics.